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Kelly & Jeremiah


The Partyke’s (pronounced par-tah-kee) recently moved from Washington state to the Temple/Belton/Morgan’s Point area.

Kelly attended her yoga teacher training with Holy Yoga Global and Yoga Teachers College. She loves teaching YogaTrapeze, Holy Yoga and Gentle Vinyasa.

Jeremiah enjoys creating spaces that are welcoming and intentional. If you have visited the studio, you have been blessed by his handiwork.

⁣⁣Kelly and Jeremiah are high school sweethearts and have been married for 17 years. Their three boys keep the family pretty busy outside of the yoga studio. 

Email Kelly: kelly.partyke@gmail.com



Nicole is a beach girl at heart, growing up 10 minutes from the beach on both the east and west coast lines of Florida.  Here is where her yoga journey started, although she didn’t know it at the time.  Back then she had plans to be a physical therapist and got her degree in Sports Medicine only to find out that, although she was and is passionate about health and wanted to help, the therapist lifestyle didn’t fit hers. 

6 years later she found herself in Texas, with a family and a full time sales job.  A friend suggested that they go to some yoga classes to “pass the time” and she remembers thinking – oh I’ve done that before back in the day, so sure, why not?  Fast forward 4 years and yoga is now a part of her life as much as her son is. 

Yoga helped remind her of what she was capable of and also of the infinite possibilities still yet to come.  Nicole obtained her 200 hour teacher training in Hatha Flow guided by teachers including Mary Renee, Kristin Folkens and Mark Uridel in Austin.

When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, Nicole enjoys running, playing Pokémon with her son, reading a book (or 2), painting and spending time with her husband of 10 years. 

She strives to create a welcoming sacred space, to come as you are and she’s so excited to see you on the mat at Firefly!


Chris has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 4 years. She loves yoga, being outside, her family, her dogs, traveling and nursing.

Yoga according to Chris “is a place where my mind and body work in sync; it makes my body feel good and my mind relax and become present. It is a mini vacation for my mind and makes my soul feel good.”



Tiffany is a Belton, Texas native who spends her time outside of her yoga practice working as an account executive at an advertising agency, raising her two children and volunteering her time to help various non profit organizations. ⁣

She began practicing yoga in 2012 and by 2013 she was attending one to two classes per day five to seven days a week. She has devoted countless hours to her study of yoga and her own personal practice. ⁣

Tiffany obtained her YogaFit certification this year in Ft. Worth, Texas. Every class is designed to meet each student where they’re at in their own practice by combining elements of hatha and vinyasa yoga while maintaining the integrity of alignment and usage of proper safety techniques. ⁣

She aspires to provide encouragement to students to seek and understand the connection between the mind, body and soul and to bring mindfulness and purpose to each breath and movement from the mat and into the rest of their day. ⁣Namaste. ⁣

“It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self and intelligence.” – B.K.S. Iyengar⁣



Shannon has been doing yoga for 5 years, and continues to look inward and further her knowledge of a practice she loves. She graduated her yoga teacher training program with Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX in 2019. Yoga is an outlet for her, and a way to find time for herself. Her practice and education helped build her confidence to share this life changing practice with others.

Shannon has lived in the central Texas area for the last 20 years, and has worked in the service industry for the last 10 years. Hospitality and ensuring people feel welcome is something truly important to her. Her goal is to offer a comfortable and inclusive space for all, and to provide students a way to get out of their heads and into the present moment.

In her free time you can find her traveling or spending time with her husband. You may even see her on your coffee run at Starbucks! Where ever you’re at in life, she is excited to meet you there on the mat.



Camey (k-me)

Camey is a Central Texas Native. Having always been passionate about all things nature, organic, and natural solutions; it’s is no accident that yoga found her 5 years ago. Throughout her own personal yoga journey she completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training this past year.

Camey is a huge believer that yoga is for everybody and every body. She offers a safe space and a balance of strength and relaxation. She cherishes each student that allows her to be a part of their yoga practice and she cannot wait to see you on your mat!

Off the mat you will find Camey spending time with family, cooking, traveling, kayaking, delving into the outdoors, or embracing a cup of joe. In a world full of chaotic energy, she is a big fan of all things creative and grounding.



Serena has practiced yoga for five years and has been teaching yoga for four years. Serena is a certified E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and Certifed prenatal yoga instructor. Serena is an RYS200 (Registered Yoga School) and offers continuation education for certified yoga instructors.

She considers yoga asana a form of self-expression. She teaches students how to express and uncover their authentic selves through posture, mantra, meditation, and breathing. She incorporates yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics into her classes as a tool to help students live their yoga off their mats. Her classes emphasize the connection of breath to movement as a form of moving meditation.

The practice of yoga meets the practitioner where they are in their body and life. Serena believes one must only take their mind and their body as far is can safely go while providing variations and modifications for every level of student. ​



My journey began in 2015 a year after my mom passed. I was introduced under the physical aspects but quickly understood the practice was less the body and more the mind.

Transitioning from Houston to my hometown is when I found my home studio, Yoga8 in Waco, Texas where I completed my 200 hour training in 2018 through Living Beyond the Mat.

I began to travel starting in my mother’s home country of Nicaragua inspiring my move to the east coast later that summer. During my time in Greenville, South Carolina i became a part of my home studio, Indigo Flow + Art, where I taught a mellow flow and held group community events inspiring creativity and healing.

I find it the most important now, in 2021, to share the ancient practice of slowing down to create solitude and presence. It’s truly an honor to guide my classes with intention woven with the ancient philosophy.

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