Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q // I’m brand new to yoga, which classes should I take?

A // This is probably the number one question we get! The best answer to this question is that if you are serious about starting a long term yoga practice, our semiprivate program will give you the best foundation. Yoga is more than just stretching and can cause frustration and even injury if not practiced correctly. Good, focused on you instruction is your best course of action when getting started. Schedule a discovery call for semi-private information here: Discovery Call

If you are asking because you’d like to test the waters first, we have a New Client Special for our group classes where you can try all of our group classes for two weeks for one low price before you decide to commit.

As far as which classes specifically are best for beginners, most all of our classes are beginner friendly, but some require more physical stamina than others. So give a few classes a try, let the teacher know that you are brand new and take a breather in the middle of class whenever you need if it is too physically challenging!

We are a very friendly and helpful crowd at Firefly, so don’t be intimidated by not knowing what you are doing. Our teachers and students are about as non-judgmental as they come! You’ll be up to feeling confident and competent sooner than you think!

Q // Which program is best for me? Group classes or semi-private classes?

A // Both programs are great! And some people actually take advantage of both.

Our semi-private classes are a good fit for individuals who have specific goals around their wellness, including: starting a yoga practice, practicing more advanced asana, weight management, pain management, stress management or future achievement preparation.

Our group classes are best for individuals who are self motivated around their goals or are not goal-centric.

Q // Where are you located?

A // Our front desk, boutique and semi-private studio is 1710 Morgan’s Point Road, Morgan’s Point Resort. Our address for our group classes is 1684 Morgan’s Point Road in Morgan’s Point Resort, Texas. They are across the parking lot from each other.

If you are familiar with Morgan’s Point Resort, we are across the street from Backyard BBQ and right next door to Sol De Jalisco.

Q // What are you prices?

A // Our prices vary depending on which package you choose and the amount of time to commit to. We have monthly memberships, class packages and drop in rates. We try to keep pricing flexible so that it can fit in most people’s budgets. You can find our pricing here: Pricing Options

Q // I have a health condition, is yoga good for that?

A // We always recommend taking any health condition questions to your doctor. We love yoga, and many ailments can be remedied or assisted by a regular yoga practice. But we are not doctors and do not know your medical history. It would be irresponsible of us to claim to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

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