F.I.R.E. Workshops

These targeted 8 week programs will either start you on your path or deepen your practice. Find your specific focus and start your journey now!


New to yoga or foundation work.

  • Semi-Private classes (4 max)
  • 8 week program
  • Discount on group classes
  • Experienced teachers who are passionate about new to yoga students


Change your lifestyle with yoga and mindfulness.

It’s time to transform. Transform your mind. Transform your body. Transform your spirit. 

This 8 week workshop will provide skills, accountability, nutrition and space to start finding your way back to you. 

  • Semi-Private fitness focused yoga (4 max)
  • Mindful Eating
  • Clean nutrition supplement package
  • Recipes
  • Journal
  • Coaching


Deepen and refine your practice.

Advance your practice by breaking down and focusing on challenging poses.

This eight week program will walk you through the basics of more advanced asanas (poses) and yogic practices.

There will only be 2 other sutdents with you for the duration of hte workshop, so you will have focused attention from the instructor. 

  • Semi-Private classes (3 max)
  • 8 week program
  • Expert teachers
  • Focused training

Which program is a fit for you?

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