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Welcome to Firefly

We are so glad you found us! Individuals find our yoga and movement studio for a variety of reasons. You might be looking to:

  • gain flexibility
  • build strength
  • recover from injury
  • still their mind
  • or for overall wellness

Are you new to yoga? Go ahead and schedule a discovery call with our new client specialist and we can make sure you feel confident walking in to the correct class with the right equipment.

Do you have some massive wellness goals? Let us help you reach them! Or do you just need a space to find some peace and tranquility, we’ve got you covered there too. Book your Discovery Call to find your fit!

Discover Our Teachers

We have a variety of teachers that are each gifted in their own way (just like all of our students!) You might find a favorite that you stick with or gather training from each in their area of expertise for a well rounded practice. Either way, you’ll be massively blessed by our expert teaching staff.

Book Your Discovery Call

To book your discovery call and see which program we offer is the best fit for you, call us (254) 218-4072 or use the form below.

What our clients are saying about us:

Firefly Yoga is an amazing studio that’s been such a gift in my life. The staff are the best and are really helpful. New and intermediate yogis will surely discover a class they absolutely fall in love with.

Shelly P.

I really enjoyed tonight’s class with Nicole. She is a great teacher. Her Friday evening class is great for beginners as well as experienced yogis. I plan on blocking out time to end my week with her. Thanks Nicole.

Abby R.

This Thursday was the fourth Yoga Class I have ever tried in my life. I am 61 years old and although I am not all the way there on all the poses and balances, Kelly made me feel awesome! She gives me encouragement that I will be able to progress and definitely make my goalContinue reading “Laylee M.”

Laylee M.

I was finally able to attend the Trapeze Yoga for Beginners today!!! Despite the fact that I was uncoordinated, I absolutely loved it!!! Kelly, along with three other more experienced members of the class, were so gracious & helpful (and were not judgemental)!!! I especially appreciated Kelly’s valediction at the end of the class!!! IContinue reading “Stacy C.”

Stacy C.

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