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Experience stress relief, strength building, balance and injury recovery with yoga in the Temple-Belton area


Welcome to Firefly

Life has gotten a little crazy hasn’t it? After a couple of years of global instability, we’re all dealing with some mental bumps and bruises. We’ve been busy surviving, so wellness – mental or physical – has fallen to the wayside.

At Firefly we want to help you get back on your wellness track. Maybe for you, that means finding a refuge to reconnect with yourself in a safe and encouraging community. Or maybe it means easing into a physical practice that you can continue for the rest of your life.

Whether it’s either or both, we want to help you:

  • find stress relief in this crazy world that we currently live in
  • gain flexibility
  • build strength
  • recover from injury
  • learn mindfulness
  • find overall wellness
  • be a part of an encouraging community
  • shine brightly in the world because you feel so amazing!

So what next?

You can either jump right in and schedule classes by scrolling to the bottom of this page, or you can connect with us to see which of our programs would be the best fit for you.


Group Classes

Group classes are a good choice for anyone with a flexible schedule that is looking for great, instructor led classes in an amazing community.

F.I.R.E. Semi-private Program

Our Semi-private program is our most popular choice for individuals needing a little extra attention right now.

Classes have a max of 4 students so each client gets personalized feedback with the bonus of a supportive community!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a good fit for anyone who wants personal attention on specific needs or 100% of the instructor’s attention.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Cleansing & Chakra Balancing Workshop

Join us August 13th from 12- 1:30pm as Shauntelle guides you through this workshop!

In this cleansing and chakra balancing workshop we will rid negative energy, balance the chakras, connect to self and invite positivity using gentle yoga.

Thrive Retreat

During our three day, all inclusive weekend retreat, we will dig in to what it means for us to thrive. By reflecting on our season of rest, our season of sowing and then focusing on what flourishing looks like for us.

October 21-23, 2022


This eight class series is organized to introduce you to yoga and help you feel confident in starting a regular yoga practice. 

You will be with only three other students so the teacher can focus on the specific needs of the class.

Firefly Yoga & Movement Studio


Classes available 7 days a week


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