Angie’s Yoga Story

Hi my name is Angelia.  I started doing yoga over a year ago. It’s a long story but a it’s been a wonderful journey. 

My daughter introduced me to yoga and I started with just once a week. Unfortunately after I first started I had a stroke and had to take a step back. But once I recovered I started going back to FIREFLY YOGA AND MOVEMENT Studio slowly doing yoga again. (All during this I was going through a very bad end of my marriage/ seperation from husband then him dying. ) but being apart of FIREFLY community has been a great help with that experience as well.

As I really began my journey the opportunity to go on a yoga weekend retreat to Soma ranch with other yogis. What a wonderful experience. A weekend which happened to be on my birthday, filled with great food, evenings under the stars making new friends and new yoga experiences.

I am continuing with yoga 🧘‍♀️  allowing myself to be open to all new experiences and it’s been amazing. I’ve had opportunities to be part of various workshops where ive learned so much.  I am now attending classes atleast 3 times weekly. Taking different class types .

I truly feel like part of this awesome community. Everyone has always made me feel welcomed. Someone once told me it’s because I am being known as Angie and not just “Shannon’s mother” I thought that was so sweet to hear. I feel so blessed to be a part of FIREFLY YOGA community.

Doing yoga has been helpful not just physically but mentally. I now am living my life with only a positive attitude and views. I feel good about my mind & body. Shannon has helped me with ways to do poses I never would have once thought I could ever do. I would have laughed and said there’s no way.

Sorry so long thank you for reading my story. I am looking forward to learning new things along the way. Wherever this path leads I know one thing for certain… I am so very happy I joined FIREFLY Yoga and MOVEMENT Studio.  Thank you !!!

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