Holiday Survival Guide

As we roll into the holidays it’s easy to give our wellness goals the back seat. And while connecting with family and friends is as much a part of our collective wellness as anything, we don’t necessarily have to compromise our individual wellness to make those things happen. This time of year has a tendencyContinue reading “Holiday Survival Guide”

How To Have The Best At Home Yoga Practice

So, for one reason or another, you’ve decided not to go to your local studio to practice yoga. Maybe because you’re right in the middle of a global pandemic and well, your yoga studio has been closed indefinitely. Or maybe you’ve found this article after Coronapocolypse, but you still want an at home practice. HereContinue reading “How To Have The Best At Home Yoga Practice”

Firefly of the Month February

Meet Sally! She is so much fun to have in the studio and is a bright light in our community. If you’ve been in classes with her you know that she is constantly encouraging and kind! Here’s a little about Sally in her own words: “I’m Sally Phillips.  I have been married to Damon forContinue reading “Firefly of the Month February”

Veteren Uses Yoga to Heal

We are so proud of our teacher Amanda who was recently interviewed by local Channel 6 News Anchor, Leslie Draffin. She shares her stories of being deployed and beyond, and how yoga has helped her through some stressful times. https://www.kcentv.com/article/life/your-best-life/veteran-uses-yoga-to-heal-your-best-life/500-f47126f3-ee38-4388-8ca7-d611d4801bf6?fbclid=IwAR0B3E_pRvFJpK_TgrIphiktAAnRdPhiAEy1QtJT4QJYc2-ow4icDJmHHaY