FIRE – Semi-Private Yoga Training

Are you ready to commit?

Are you ready to take that first step to feeling your best? Then you’re in the right spot. Our F.I.R.E. program is for individuals who are ready to make a change.

Is that you?

What does F.I.R.E. stand for? Firefly Intentional Results Experience!

What’s included?

  • Semi-private classes (Only 4 students per class)
  • Private online group with your community
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 10% off boutique prices with membership
  • 1 guest pass to use as you wish per month
  • First access to all enrollments (workshops, retreats and teacher trainings)

transform your life.

You know you were made to feel better than you do now.

But everything you’ve done before isn’t working any more.

You’re ready to make changes, not just quick fixes, and set up a practice that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

discover how strong you truly are

Find your inner mental and physical strength as you commit to yourself and your wellness in weekly semi-private training sessions.

Rediscover your inner fire.

what to expect

Our clients regularly express to us that they didn’t expect to feel as good as they do after joining the FIRE program. The biggest surprise being in how much less stressed they feel in their everyday lives.

But we also often hear about massive pain reduction, feeling stronger, being able to do things they couldn’t before (handstands anyone?) Their lives are truly changed. And it’s so amazing to be a part of their journeys.

Kelly – FIRE coach

Pricing and Options

Our no commitment pricing is made for you because we know that individuals like you, who get things done, need flexibility!

Our most flexible option, but least amount of commitment.

10 Classes for $380 with a 6 month expiration.

with First Month Discount

Our most popular option!

2 x a week (8 a month) $119 for first month and $264 each month after with auto-renew.

with First Month Discount

See the fastest results with this option.

3 x a week (12 a month) $168 for first month and $372 a month with auto-renew.

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