Firefly Online

Community Based Online Yoga

Are you looking for yoga alternatives while your studio has shut it’s doors?

Firefly is ready to be your go to community during our extended period of social distancing.

We all still need to move, we all still need community and we definitely, more than ever, need the grounding principles that yoga teaches.

When you book a class, we will send you a link with your class’s unique zoom link. Once you get logged in, the teacher will welcome you and give you directions on what to do next.

Our goal is to continue to pay our teachers throughout the social distancing period. Please pay as you normally would if you can, but no stress at all if you can’t or are worried you can’t. Use promo code FIREFLY when you book your class for a 100% discount. No questions asked!

We look forward to seeing you on your mat!

Shine Bright!!

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