April 2022 Firefly Retreat


April 29 – May 1

Sometimes it seems like life can become reactionary rather than intentional. We just move from task to task and don’t take the time to reflect on if the tasks we are performing are actually helping move us closer to where we want to be going… or if we even know where we want to go!

This three day retreat will help you begin to uncover and discover what’s been missing in your life. Fun? Intention? Purpose? Everyone has a different answer, but until we take a moment to sit still and reflect, it’s hard to know what ours is.

Or maybe, you are the type of person who knows exactly where you are going, you have your 5, 10 and 20 year goals all mapped out, but maybe you need to discover… you.

So, let’s take this time to get away from the busy, the to-dos and the shoulds and discover.

discover fun.

discover intention.

discover purpose.


discover you.

discover Soma Ranch.

Our location this spring will be at the beautiful Soma Ranch! A retreat center in east Texas just north of Houston. You will be delighted by all of the yoga centric amenities.

At Soma Ranch we welcome you home. Each time you step into Soma Ranch, you receive the opportunity to heal, learn, be inspired and have a boat load of fun in the process! We define Soma as “healthy body, mind and spirit in its wholeness.”

Soma Ranch is a magical place where folks relax, rejuvenate, replenish & renew with FUN! We provide retreat experiences, serving delicious healthy food with good humor and Texas hospitality, surrounded by glorious nature and animals.


King Room
$1245.00/person or $1490.00/couple (Book 2 bunk rates for couple)

Shared Room (2 Per Room)

$995.00 per person

Bunk Room (4 or 6 per room)

$795.00 per person

discover retreat.


  • large social areas for relaxing
  • dining area seats 20 (8, 6, 6)
  • 1,200 square foot deck perfect for large barbecue
  • 8-seat mineral therapeutic spa
  • olympic length (25 yard) lap pool
  • wrap around porch
  • beautiful views of nature surround
  • massage house
  • infrared sauna house
  • 2,000 sq. ft. yoga studio with stunning views of the pastures.
  • Our rescued horses and donkeys are friendly and extremely entertaining! A beautiful feature of the ranch. Guests share how being around these amazing animals is curiously healing.
  • free wifi
  • free use of laundry room
  • Massage and Foot Detox options ($40 to $90)
  • excellent cell phone reception


We will enjoy delicious gluten-free, organic, healthy meals.

Breakfast Wide range of self-service items including yogurt, kefir, hot-cooked grains, cereals, bagels, fruit, smoothies, and more

Lunch Homemade hot soup and salad buffet

Dinner Cooked meal with plenty of vegetables and salad available

Extra protein options Grilled chicken and boiled eggs are available upon request

hosted by firefly yoga & movement studio

Firefly offers yoga year round in Morgan’s Point Resort, TX



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