Becky’s Story

One of our long time Fireflies recently answered a few questions about her experience at Firefly.

If you’ve ever been to the studio, Becky is not just a warm and welcoming face, she is an inspiration and an encourager. We are so blessed to have her as a member!

And yes Becky, you are definitely worth it!

How long have you been a student at Firefly?

4 years.

What initially drew you to Firefly Yoga & Movement Studio?

I was starting yoga and it was near my house.

Could you describe your overall experience and journey at the studio?

From day one, these wonderful people have been my community. There are all kinds of levels here, so no judgement. Lots of instructions on modifications and a class for just about anything you want out of a yoga practice.

How has your experience at Firefly Yoga impacted your life, both physically and mentally?

My mental health has improved dramatically which has definitely improved my physical health.

Please share your thoughts on the instructors at the studio. Were they knowledgeable, attentive, and supportive?

All the instructors are great teachers but each has their own style. You could never get bored and all of them want what is best for you and your practice

Is there a particular instructor or instructors who have made a significant impact on your practice? If so, could you tell us why?

Serena’s private lessons helped a lot. Shannon’s Sunday morning is fun and uplifting with her playlist. Kelly’s holy yoga really feeds me spiritually and Noelle is always comforting at the awful hour of 545 in the morning. No bad instructors just all different and are supportive of YOU!!

Have you achieved any specific fitness or wellness goals through the classes or workshops at the studio?

Definitely more flexible with great balance. My stamina is through the roof and even have some muscle definition. I love that when I get stressed I can close my eyes and visualize my mat.

What do you appreciate most about the facilities and the atmosphere at Firefly Yoga & Movement Studio?

They are close to me and are very welcoming.

Is there anything specific about the studio’s environment that sets it apart from other studios you’ve attended?

No snobbery here at Firefly.

How would you describe the sense of community and support among students and staff at Firefly Yoga?

These are my people!!!

Have you made lasting connections or friendships with other students at the studio?

Yes, definitely!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience at Firefly Yoga & Movement Studio?

Worth every penny and minute of my time!!! I am worth it!!

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