Bianca’s Yoga Story

Hi, my name is Bianca and I would like to share my story.  I have been dealing with chronic pain for several years from a car accident I had 20 years ago. I have a desk job that doesn’t give me many opportunities to get up and move around, so over the years the pain got worse and triggered anxiety with some really bad panic attacks. The entire situation was severely taking over my private life.  Every time I would see a doctor, they would give me pain meds and muscle relaxer. Stating that this was a ‘mental issue and there was nothing wrong with me’. They sent me to see a physiatrist and put me on anti-depressants. Then they realized it was truly my spine causing issues. The doctor sent me to physical therapy.

I did a few sessions but as always it did nothing for me. One day I had enough and did some research on google what options to improve my back and found Firefly. I started with the beginner class and a fire class and loved it. I love that the Fire classes are semi private and that the instructors have time to work with you and help you work on your goals. They teach you poses or modified poses based on limitations, that you can do at home to help your situation. 

I love how Noelle challenges me in her fundamental II classes and knows I am saying every curse word in the books in my mind at times. LOL. But I see it through and feel great after. I also love love LOVE that she constantly pulls new poses out of her sleeve. You totally feel heard and understood here.  I can have a long day at work with either starring at the screen or taking calls all day, leaving me feeling totally drained- but after my Fire class I feel alive again, recharged and stronger. 

Yoga is not just about, if you can do a headstand or some crazy poses. For me it is the best way to work body and soul. I feel stronger after every class and can only encourage others that have similar stories to try it out. I did just have my second fusion this year and I am back on the mat with new goals.

I am no longer on any medication; I no longer have anxiety or panic attacks. I no longer see a physiatrist. 

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