Firefly of the Month February

Meet Sally! She is so much fun to have in the studio and is a bright light in our community. If you’ve been in classes with her you know that she is constantly encouraging and kind! Here’s a little about Sally in her own words:

“I’m Sally Phillips.  I have been married to Damon for more than 27 years.  We live in Temple, but have lived in Central Texas all our lives.   We are newly retired.   We love to travel and enjoy all sorts of fitness.   We also have two grown adult children.  

The first time I attended a yoga class was the first time I had ever experienced a quietness in my mind.   I have been hooked to practicing stillness ever since then.  I am a regular attendee of Holy Yoga and trapeze yoga.   I love learning new things and enjoy the challenges of balance and acquiring new skills.   I leave Firefly refreshed and stretched, both physically and mentally.

I love the friendliness of my classmates and the care and knowledge of Kelly/instructors.   I love being a part of those who shine bright at Firefly.”

If you see Sally around, give her a hug or a high five for being an awesome part of this community. 

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