Yoga is not good for you…

Is yoga good for you? NO!

Not at all…..It is actually great for you.

Who told you yoga would be good for you? 

‘Cause it wasn’t me.

Who would have to tell you to do yoga for you to listen?

Your mom?

Probably not. I never really listened to mine either.

Your best friend? 

Maybe, but only if they’d go with you, right?

What if your doctor prescribed it for you? Would you go then?

What if your hero or who inspires you the most, told you that what makes them able to be who they are is partly because they participate in a yoga practice regularly?

I am always inspired by the top athletes in the world and how they are able to continually stick to a routine that allows their bodies to perform at a high level. When I began to discover that most of the greatest athletes that have had longevity in their careers take part in yoga, I was inspired. 

Out of all the things available to multi-millionaire athletes, they keep it simple and find health, wellness, recovery, spirituality and peace in their yoga routines. Many have said that yoga has been that one thing that has taken them and their abilities to the next level. And it is something that we all can take part in.

This is a great article done by the Sportster a couple of years ago that features athletes that do yoga regularly – https://www.thesportster.com/entertainment/top-15-athletes-who-do-yoga/

If the likes of Lebron James, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and many others in sports attribute part of their success to yoga, why wouldn’t we listen to them?

There are college and professional programs that are now discovering the benefits of yoga for their athletes. Some are offering classes regularly and others are making it a mandatory part of their team’s routine.

You may not be a professional athlete, but you can make the choice to do yoga for yourself and see what the benefits are for you. We have the choice to take part in something that is so simple yet so great for us.

At Firefly we offer the same style of classes that many of these athletes do daily. We want to meet your needs and help you take your life to the next level. Whether it’s stress, pain, lack of energy or desire that runs your life, we promise our instructors can help. We strive to ignite a fire in you. 

Our motto “Helping You Thrive, So You Can Shine” is our belief that through practicing yoga you will mentally and physically thrive, allowing you to shine brightly to those around you and in turn inspiring them to thrive and shine as well. 

Join the Firefly Movement and help light up the World.

If this is the first time you heard that yoga would be good for you……I can now say it was me that told you. YES!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and be blessed today. You’re amazing!

This post was written by Jeremiah Partyke. Co-owner of Firefly Yoga & Movement Studio and husband and father extraordinaire. Jeremiah loves his family, football and fishing.

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